Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spot the Pigeon (1977)

"Spot the Pigeon," Genesis (1977)

Might as well upload the other Genesis EP, right?

This one predates "3 X 3" by about 5 years. The tunes on this recording are considered to be holdovers from Wind & Wuthering, released earlier in 1977. One of the notable things about this album is the fact that its the last Genesis studio release to feature guitarist Steve Hackett. Some argue that he left the band after the others opted to relegate the tune "Inside and Out" to the EP rather than placing the album.

This is a fun EP, I must admit. The first two tracks are essentially pop with prog influences. "Match of the Day" is one of the most amusing futbol songs ever (then again, isn't its only competition New Order's "World in Motion?). The next song, "Pigeons," demonizes those who would harm pigeons. Humbug. I hate pigeons. Wankersome birds have congregating outside my window as of late and I feel the need to poison them. Gah! Oh well. Fun song, though. Get it just to hear Phil Collins say "sh*t."

But the last song is a doozy, and for me, the highlight of this lost Genesis gem. "Inside and Out" deals with a convict who will never get out of jail, despite promises on the contrary. The first 2/3 of the song are remarkably mellow, melodic and melancholy. And then, in the last third, it's a full-on prog explosion of orgasmic proportions. No, I'm not exaggerating, either. This is what what prog should sound like! No wonder Hackett was ticked at not having this on the album: It's a hell of a track!

Now, are these tracks available elsewhere? Well, Genesis Archive #2 1976-1992 had "Pigeons" and "Inside and Out," but it neglected to include "Match of the Day." As with "3 X 3", this EP was not totally represented in that box set. But the recently released $300+ box set, Genesis 1976-1982, will include the whole EP. This kind of aggravates me. Sure, they remastered everything and finally ponied up the tracks, but will Genesis fans want to buy all the albums for a third time? I, for one, enjoy the 1994 CD releases (the so-called "Definitive" remasters). Well, until the record company decides to release a hip CD full of EP and B-side rarities rather than hiding those tracks in ridiculously expensive box sets, you can get a vinyl rip of the EP from here.

Speaking of which, this EP was extra dusty, so try to ignore the hissing and popping associated with vinyl (even my software couldn't clean it all up!). However, I do think you'll be satisfied with the overall absence of skips. I laboured over these for a while and spent about 40 minutes working on the middle section of "Inside and Out." It was tough, but I do it out of love for the music.

And now, enjoy the EP:

1. Match of the Day
2. Pigeons
3. Inside and Out

Download (12.12 MB)


Kristian said...

Almost as good as style council, almost.

Deveraux said...

Thanks for your interesting comments on this EP and for the download.

I'm not so interested in post-Gabriel Genesis but it's always nice to get good songs from the band, although I'd already listened to the EP.

For classical fans of the group, I recommend getting the first solo Hackett albums rather that W&W or And then there were 3, for instance.

At least in this EP, Hackett was still in.


Anonymous said...

The last decent thing Genesis ever released, in my opinion.

jcmenter said...

There was a mini CD release of that EP. I can't remember when exactly but probably late 80's. I bought it and then put it into a regular sized CD case to fit my CD rack.

Ron Buczko said...

Correct. This EP was first released on CD in 1988 and a second time in 1989, but as a 3" CD. Note that the EP on the remastered box set has been remixed, meaning it sounds slightly different/improved compared to the original mix.

Synthetrix said...

I have a copy of this on clear blue vinyl.