Tuesday, April 17, 2007

3 X 3 (1982)

"3 x 3," Genesis (1982)

And now, an EP. This one has an interesting story that I'll share with you before heading out to class. Originally, this came out in the UK as an EP. The States got the tunes too, but they got 'em in the "Three Sides Live" compilation. As you might imagine, these studio tracks were on the fourth side (along with two extra tracks).

The funny thing is, this was never released on CD in and of itself. The first time we saw them was on the original CD issue of "Three Sides Live." But when this set was remastered, the non-live tracks were omitted. Then, when the Genesis Archive #2 1976-1992 box set popped up, we go two out of three songs: "Paperlate" and "You Might Recall." The last song, "Me and Virgil," was missing in action.

Later this month, we'll see the release of Genesis 1976-1982, a box set that collects all of the bands albums from that period (in addition to EPs and singles and b-sides), remixes and remasters them and places them in one expensive package.

So, if you're willing to sacrifice a bit of sound quality for the sake of saving a few (hundreds of!) dollaroos, dig the original "3 x 3" EP:

1. Paperlate
2. You Might Recall
3. Me and Virgil

Download (13.61 MB)


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Senor Walter

You didnt mention that this audio was from a vinyl source, I Love "Little Records"

rhcpbnl said...

I have just recently started playing some of my parents old "jems". Threw on Three Sides Live and went on with my morning ritual. After the forth side ended walked upstairs to see my mother in tears. She said she has not heard the forth side of this since she was my age. THANK YOU so much for posting this!