Thursday, April 12, 2007

Epic Presents The Unsigned (1985)

First off, thanks for visiting this thing. I'll have to confess that I'm a CD guy at heart, but alas, given the mountains of new dreck out there, I think its worth our time to explore the rarities that have yet to pop on to the commercial CD market. With the aid of my trusty USB turntable and these dang internets, I hope to bring some of that hidden vinyl magic out to the fore. So let's begin!

"Epic Presents The Unsigned," Various Artists (1985)

For more info, check out this helpful page. The album consists of an assortment of unsigned artists from the States (although all but one are from east of the Mississippi). The styles are all over the place. Some tracks are punky power pop, while others are reminiscent of Huey Lewis and the News. Similarly, the contrast between the techno foray of Free World's "Supply and Demand" could not be any more different from The Pressure Boys, the 'cowboy punk/funksters' that gave us "Where The Cowboys Went." Overall, its a fun mix. It may lack cohesion, and some artists might be more memorable than others, but it gives us a glimpse into the mechanics of hip underground college rock in the mid-1980s.

1. Sussman Lawrence Band- Torture Me
2. The Reducers- Let's Go
3. The Pressure Boys- Where The Cowboys Went
4. The Rothchilds- Long After Summer
5. The Criminals- Under The City Lights
6. Blue Sparks From Hell- Real Man's Car
7. The Radiators- This Wagon's Gonna Roll
8. The Crime- Mad About You
9. Visions- Love Potion
10. Free World- Supply and Demand

Download (36.5 MB)


Roberto said...

Interesting album,never heard of any of them.
Keep 'em coming bro!

Anonymous said...

a bit late but here's some infos:
The Crime may be Crime the SF band that did 3 singles in 77/78.
The reducers are a pop/punk Ct band formed in 1978 and still going strong (check The Criminals is the band formed by ex New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain that issued just one single in 78 (he's the one on the far right on the back cover picture).
That's all I know.

Señor Walter said...

Much obliged!

Brian Hunt said...

The Criminals on this album are a St. Paul Minnesota band fronted by Mike Ryan. They were active in the Twin Cities area fro 1981 - 1991. I have spoken to him about being on this album. He's got a little on The Criminals on his website